Nikhil Iyer celebrates his Indian-American heritage on his new hypnotic release “Sanam (don’t go away)”.

Multi-cultured guitarist and vocalist Nikhil Iyer continues to show his captivating musicianship skills on his brand-new single “Sanam (don’t go away)”. An introspective release describing the power of love, “Sanam (don’t go away)” is shared as the artist’s third release of the year and it doesn’t disappoint.


Throughout his work, Nikhil shows fans his truest, most authentic self as he sings about unspoken emotions. Creating an alt-rock soundscape with a modern pop twist, the artist works hard to deliver his organic spin on what’s hot in the charts and is rapidly growing his listenership with every release.


Speaking about his new single Nikhil says: ““Oh love, oh my love, don’t go away from me”. These lyrics are not below the surface by any means, but they bring to light a very desperate feeling in a lover’s heart. This song talks about the hopelessness that builds within you when you fall in love with someone, knowing that you can’t live without them, knowing that you’re afraid to live a life without them”.

Stream “Sanam (don’t go away)” below: