Saucemankeys hits back with a new self-titled project ‘SpaceManKeys’, consisting of three edgy trap cuts.

Hailing from the windy city of Chicago, Illinois, Saucemankeys is an artist, songwriter, and producer who’s making quite the name for himself. The multi-talent is known for producing music that favours raw heavy 808 beats, fast-paced bars, and unique, impactful production styles. Adding to an already impressive 2022 campaign, he released a three-song self-titled EP. 


Titled ‘SauceManKeys’, it marked the artist’s prompt return to the music spotlight after a short hiatus. The project showcased fans three unique tracks “Valentino Print”, “Only Fans” and “Walking Across The Moon”. Each one displays different elements of Saucemankey’s talents. Mixed and mastered by the artist himself, the creative also paired lyrics with fellow collaborators to help enhance the release.

Stream ‘SauceManKeys’ in full below: