BLOODHYPE share addictive new release “THE LITTLE THINGS” with a playful music video directed by Pierre Beecroft & Maximilian König.

BLOODHYPE are an emerging indie-rock group crafting their own authentic and innovative spin on today’s indie scene.  “THE LITTLE THINGS” is their latest single taken from their brand-new, debut full-length project ‘MODERN EYES’.


“THE LITTLE THINGS” is all about taking the time out to appreciate the little things in life. Throughout the music video frontman, Elmar Weyland is pictured playing a character of a businessman with a mundane work routine dancing around his office job. “THE LITTLE THINGS” is a buoyant track and is a daily reminder of why it’s important to celebrate your wins, no matter how small they are.


Gearing up for their GAS tour this spring, “THE LITTLE THINGS” packs a punch and is an anthemic new release with theatrical visuals directed by Pierre Beecroft & Maximilian König. Driven by a joyous hook, this new track is easily a standout on their new album and embraces the band’s playful side.

Watch “THE LITTLE THINGS” music video below: