Christian Locke lets himself go on the surreal loveliness of “Three Little Words”.

Christian Locke’s lyricism drips pure poetry on the powerful “Three Little Words”. Volume is given, for this is an awe-inspiring sound. Words waft on through, for he has this ethereal quality to the way he delivers each verse. They work nicely together as a cohesive whole. Akin to a virtual tapestry of sound, the many instruments work together to have this remarkable portrait of a pure and good relationship. For a song that celebrates Valentine’s Day, it avoids going for anything overly saccharine, instead feeling quite sincere. 


Guitar work has always been an essential part of Christian’s approach to songwriting, but he takes it to the next level on this track. Here, the sound soars on into the sky, bringing up traces of space rock’s seemingly infinite space. Drums hit on an emotional tenor, for they add to the heft of the spectrum of sound that comes through. Melodies filter into the mix nicely, ensuring that every possible version of the affection shown in a genuine connection gets its amount of time. Even the bass frequency rumbles on through in this rather lush, plush fashion allowing the reverberations that hit for the final stretch to feel particularly well-earned. 


“Three Little Words” shows Christian Locke’s uncanny ability to blend a slew of styles into an approach that is distinctly his own.

Stream “Three Little Words” below: