In her powerful new pop single ‘Little Miss’, teenage star Naomi Jane is unapologetically being herself whilst empowering young women.

If her latest single, ‘Little Miss’, is anything to go by, teenage pop sensation Naomi Jane has an impressive amount of self-awareness. It’s the singer-songwriter’s third release from a forthcoming EP and, like its predecessors ‘Pretty Boys’ and ‘Grown Ups, the track emerges as a bold assertion of identity, as poignant lyrics navigate the girlhood rollercoaster.


Winning first place in the teen category of 2023’s International Songwriting Competition, ‘Little Miss’ showcases Naomi’s impressive three-octave vocal range, multi-instrumentalist talent and storytelling prowess. Making a name for herself on Broadway and in some of America’s most iconic music venues, as well as appearing on TV shows like PBS Kids, she has grown in maturity thanks to an early and prolific entry into the world of performance.


Currently, Naomi is gracing theatres as Kathy in Singing in the Rain, but with a solo music project fast approaching, she’s getting to know herself better by producing heartfelt ballads. ‘Little Miss’ is inspired by her experience caught between two romantic interests and facing judgement, scrutiny and ostracisation. Radiated through soaring melodies, powerful bass and ethereal harmonies, this highly personal account speaks to the timely themes of stereotypes, societal pressure and feminine insecurity.


Reflecting on the track Naomi Jane shares, “This song is a rebellion against the hate and judgements girls put on each other, driven by their desperation to get the attention of a boy. We should be building each other up, not tearing each other apart.” What does the burgeoning pop singer hope we take away? “I want my listeners and fans to listen and know that they don’t have to change who they are just because other people are threatened by them.”

Listen to 'Little Miss' now: