Luna Shadows explores passion, pain and peace in new single 'little rituals', seeing the complexities of emotions take centre stage.

Luna Shadows, an artist and producer based in Los Angeles, presents her latest mesmerising single, ‘little rituals.’ The enchanting and contemplative track is a collaborative effort with her longstanding creative partner Bradley Hale (Now, Now) and powerfully explores the intricacies of idealising the past. Blending electric guitars with Luna’s otherworldly vocals, Luna Shadows expresses a desire for uncertainty, caught between passion and serenity, as she delivers vulnerable lyrics reflecting pain from a unique yet universally relatable perspective. Serving as the second instalment from Luna’s upcoming sophomore LP, the single oozes with a refreshing indie-folk sound.


The complexities of emotions take centre stage in ‘little rituals’, where Luna Shadows conveys that the immersive track delves into the experience of vividly feeling all emotions, both positive and negative. The song revolves around the notion that to genuinely savour moments of joy, one must also embrace challenging times. Influenced by the works of Sylvia Plath, Luna Shadows collaborated with her long-distance creative partner Bradley Hale over Zoom to craft a ’70s-style summer song, embodying the essence of rediscovering joy after periods of sadness and stillness.


This particular track marks a milestone for the talented artist as it features Luna Shadows’ debut guitar solo, the first of several on her upcoming record. Despite her primary proficiency in piano, Luna Shadows decided to step into the forefront of this LP, prioritising joy over virtuosity. Luna’s upcoming record follows her debut 2021 release of ‘Digital Pacific’, which was comprised of 18 tracks exploring themes of anxiety, self-affirmation, and disillusionment. Accompanying this new release is a compelling music video for her single ‘witches’ brew’ which brings life to its vivid lyrics.

The music video for ‘witches’ brew’ explores the challenges of magic and creativity, while ‘little rituals’ picks up at the point where these elements evolve into something deeply fulfilling, enjoyable, mischievous, and ultimately meaningful. Directed by the versatile Luna Shadows and shot on 16mm film in the mountains of Topanga, CA, the video mirrors the song’s theme of embracing and returning to a place of joy, lightness, purpose, and a sense of belonging.


Following her haunting single ‘witches’ brew’, which offers poignant commentary on societal expectations and the ostracisation of women, ‘little rituals’ showcases Luna Shadows’ dedication to self-expression and introspection. The track demonstrates Luna’s ability to traverse genres, moving from sparkling electro-pop to emotive indie-folk rock. As a classically trained musician, Luna Shadows takes on the roles of lyricist, composer of the string arrangement, and producer of orchestral elements for this melancholic ballad. In an industry that is segmented into separate vocalists, writers, producers, and more, this cements Luna’s ability to do it all.


As Luna Shadows remains steadfast in her artistic evolution, she continues to captivate audiences with her distinctive style which blends glitches, bit-crushed beeps, and more, and crafts creative narratives that resonate with authenticity and emotional depth. ‘little rituals’ serves as a testament to her ability to navigate the complexities of human emotion and create music that transcends genres and speaks to the heart.

Listen to 'little rituals' now: