ZeXzy returns with single ‘Live’, a personal reflection on a pivotal moment in his music career.

Nigerian hailing virtuoso ZeXzy is rising the ranks. Infusing pop and rap with R&B hints, the singer-songwriter entices listeners into a captivating soundscape that is seamlessly wrapped in a minimalistic veil of Afrobeat. With his ability to effortlessly integrate his own personal experiences into his music, ZeXzy delivers ‘Live’, a heartfelt track taking us back to a time when he felt most vulnerable.


Born and bred in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria, ZeXzy is a multi-genre artist driven by a pure and noble purpose—to uplift, inspire and communicate his experience in unique ways. However, not all journeys are smooth sailing; ZeXzy lost his singing voice at the age of 15 and battled anxiety and depression for some time. Nonetheless, he eventually overcame these obstacles and returned to performing music 10 years later.


‘Live’ serves as an artistic outlet for ZeXzy to channel his frustrations. He wrote the single during a challenging period in his life where he faced a critical decision: to persevere with his music or abandon the dream he had invested so much time and creativity in. During this soul-searching process, he confronted the source of his inner turmoil, striving to bridge the gap between where he was musically and where he aspired to be.


Speaking about the single, ZeXzy reveals, “’Live’ was an unconscious creation made from an overflowing subconscious mind that was so pained at the time. It was the 16th of February 2023 and my producer was making beats for a song and I just started singing “I choose to live” on the beat. It sounded nice and everybody seemed to feel its depth, so I picked my phone up and recorded the tune. I had the song written and on the 27th of March 2023 we started production on the track, and in a few days, I recorded it.”


Listen to "Live" now: