Meet Liza, the Canada-based singer-songwriter taking the music industry by storm with her latest EP, The Alternate Ending.

Liza stays true to exactly who she is: with unfiltered confidence the singer-songwriter isn’t shy when it comes to making music. Bringing her Ethiopian-Canadian heritage into her music’s dynamics, her tracks are a true representation of herself.


Her upcoming sophomore EP, The Alternate Ending comes hot on the heels of her fan favourite teasers, ‘Back For More’ and ‘In The End’- two songs that heightened anticipation during the lead-up to the release of her EP. With ethereal vocal arrangements and raw emotion throughout the EP, the tracks align with her desire “to dim one’s own light in the name of what they perceive as love.”


The EP is based on what Liza describes as “what if” scenarios which could have altered your journey differently. Straight off the back of her debut EP, DONE IS DONE, it foretells what the creative didn’t have the chance to explain, providing an alternate amalgamation of what was originally planned.


Liza had already achieved so much within her career. She was appointed as one of the 30 artists across the globe to be part of the YouTube Music Class Black Voices Fund while also being recently awarded the Canadian Black Music Award. She has also been noticed by Michelle Obama on her Higher Ground official Spotify playlist. Bearing in mind Liza accomplished all of this whilst juggling being a registered nurse and clinical researcher, it leads us to question what Liza can’t do.


Find out more about the esteemed artist below where we got to chat to Liza about her journey so far, and how it led her to The Alternate Ending EP…

Your new EP The Alternate Ending is described by yourself as ambitious and intricate. What separates this EP from your previous releases, how does the sound differ?

The Alternate Ending tells a broader story that captures more than a love story, it also discusses themes of understanding, growth, and self-discovery. This is my most collaborative EP to date, and I worked with so many of my favorite creatives/writers/producers on this record. Working with different producers allowed me to explore different musical sides of me with new sonic soundscapes, so although the production differs from track to track, they’re all interconnected in storytelling.

The Alternate Ending is a continuation of your 2021 debut EP, DONE IS DONE. It explores themes that were on your mind but weren’t fully explored in the previous release. What alternate perspectives and themes did you want to offer differently this time around?

While both projects address the realities of my life and emotions, The Alternate Ending is more hopeful. It offers a different perspective on life and love, emphasizing that ‘goodbyes’ aren’t always negative—they can be healing and serve as catalysts for change and growth, helping you become the person you’re meant to be. The title track delves into this idea, prompting me to introspect and realize how much better life can be when you truly let go of people, things, and environments that, sometimes unknowingly, hold you back.

How was it to work with Daniel Caesar on his single ‘COMPLEXITIES,’ did it teach you anything which you took forward when creating your latest EP?

I actually didn’t directly work with him on the song – my vocals were sampled on the record and it all started with a voice memo recording on my iPhone 8 in a studio session with one of my favourite producers. I’m constantly sampling my own vocals in the songs I make, whether it be a part of the production, or just to add interesting textures to a song.

You’re quite the polymath: a registered nurse and a clinical researcher on top of producing some high-end music. How did you manage to juggle all of your responsibilities while kick-starting your career?

Honestly, it was a lot to balance, and a lot of discipline. Support from my friends, family, and a ton of coffee definitely helped, but I was also really dedicated – I was determined to make it work.

Talk to us a little about where you come from. Do you draw upon any of your upbringing when crafting your music?

Definitely! I’m Ethiopian-Canadian and I grew up in Toronto, so growing up, I listened to a good amalgamation of everything with a lot of Ethiopian music in the mix. Aster Aweke is one Ethiopian artist who I really resonated with growing up, and which has definitely influenced a lot of my melodic and lyrical choices.

You’ve been noticed by and worked with some massive names like Michelle Obama, Netflix, and as previously mentioned, Daniel Caesar. Can you name three of your dream artists to collaborate with?

Being added to First Lady Michelle Obama’s Spotify playlist was definitely a highlight for me. I’ve also been fortunate to have my music play in a ton of different shows on Netflix. That being said, my dream artists to collaborate with are probably Stevie Wonder, Mariah Carey, and Beyoncé (of course) – it’s so hard to narrow it down to just three!

How do you want this release of The Alternate Ending to tell your story as a musician, is there anything we should be paying attention to that meets more than just the ear?

To me, The Alternate Ending is a continuation of my story, but with a more optimistic conclusion. Storytelling is incredibly important to me, and every song on the project plays a crucial role in conveying the larger narrative. Every lyric is intentional, especially in “Shades.” I hope listeners connect and find the throughline with all of the songs, including those that aren’t on this project.

You paint the motif of the EP as the different outcomes of various “what if” scenarios. What was the prominent “what-if” which kickstarted this collection of tracks?

I’m constantly contemplating the alternate realities of life and how one decision can change an entire trajectory. It’s a bit daunting to think about. I can’t pinpoint one specific moment that kickstarted this EP, but it definitely stemmed from the end of my previous EP, DONE IS DONE, and the feelings of heartbreak that came with it. This project taught me that every part of your life has played out the way it was supposed to, and there’s something very grounding about that.

What are your goals? Where do you expect this EP to take you?

More than anything, I really want my music to find listeners who connect with it – that’s really the goal with any music I put out. And hopefully doing as many shows as possible!

What’s up next for Liza, are there any secrets you’d like to share with us?

I’m really excited to put out this project and to perform the songs at my upcoming shows; I love seeing which songs people resonate with more. I have my headline show in Toronto on June 7th and then some more shows throughout the summer. Definitely excited to release the new songs I’ve been writing, but right now just basking in the fact that this EP is going to be out in the world! With regards to secrets, I honestly feel like I barely have any haha, I have no poker face and everything lives in the music…

Listen to The Alternate Ending now: