Lolo Zouaï for Notion 85

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Gracing the third cover of our Autumn 2019 issue, Notion 85, is a pop queen-to-be like no other, Lolo Zouaï!

With the release of  Zouaï’s 2017 breakout single “High Highs to Low Lows”, Zouaï documented the constant emotional ups and downs of chasing your dreams after moving to New York at 19 years old. One of the things that’s intriguing about Zouaï’s music is how she’s incorporated her roots into her music, having studied traditional Arabic music from Algeria known as Rai, which she incorporates into her own tracks. “I haven’t met any French-Algerian singers that are in America. I just bring a little bit of diversity in that sense,” she says. Dive into LoloLand, you won’t regret it.


Orders shipped w/c 7th October 2019.


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