Vôx Vé questions our culture of individualism on new track, "Lonely Choir".

Anyone who’s felt lonely over the past few years (and being honest, who hasn’t?), will know the power of music in working through it. For Swiss alt-pop producer Vôx Vé, a period of deep loneliness and self-reflection inspired new track, “Lonely Choir”.


Underpinned by choir-influenced production, the track was informed by questioning our society’s success-driven culture and honing in on her own values and aspirations in life. Turning pain into empathy and empathy into art, it’s sound and message feels cathartic – an ode to tuning out external noise to discover what truly makes you happy.


“With a dose of dark humor and cathedral reverb, the “Lonely Choir” of voices in my head questions whether these sacrifices were misguided, and whether my values of ambitious individualism were the wrong ones – conditioned by a culture that over-emphasises individual success, and under-emphasises human connection as the most powerful condition of happiness,” she explains. With her first full-length project, ‘We Went Looking for Art’ on the way, “Lonely Choir” – landing somewhere between sad pop master Lykke Li and Coolio’s “Gangster’s Paradise” – sets a precedent for more cinematic tracks to come.

Listen below: