Pretty O.P follow-up their recent EP success with new single “Look Who’s Laughing Now”.

Made up of the McNamara brothers, Derek, Keenan and Spencer, Pretty O.P are a group going from strength to strength. Back with a new single “Look Who’s Laughing Now”, they continue to show listeners what’s so great about their signature sound.


Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, the group originated in 2015 when Derek joined close friends Travis Cohen and Jake Stark to write, record, and perform music. Adding Keenan, their self-titled album was recorded in their home studio, and after some evolution they started uploading tunes to SoundCloud under the name Pretty O.P. in 2017. The Mac brothers then enlisted the help of their younger sibling Spencer, and the group as it now stands was born.


Following the success of their EP ‘Straw’ earlier this year, the band’s new single is a bright and guitar-driven story of a vindictive relationship. Perfect for shoegaze or indie pop lovers, the single recording has a full sound that speaks to its wide variety of instrumentation. Also recorded in their home studio, it’s one worth adding to your playlists.

Stream "Look Who’s Laughing Now" below: