bby ivy delivers the effortless new single "Losing Sleep", a heartfelt exploration of love and loss.

Norway born and LA based, bby ivy is back with a new single “Losing Sleep”. Following from a successful string of EP’s and singles since 2020, she’s accumulated millions of streams and hundreds of thousands of followers along the way.


Growing up outside Olso, before briefly living in Spain and then spending another five years in London before settling in LA, starting again is something bby ivy is used to. Describing her experiences with anxiety and self-doubt, the negotiation of personal identity is central to the artist’s own battles with mental health. Her music depicts such experiences, with ivy’s lyrics and haunting vocals often laying powerful emotions on the table.


Her new single echoes this concept. An electronic-pop track with both piercing lyrics and a warming melody, soft piano is layered with tight drums against ivy’s sharp delivery. The result: a track that leaves something behind upon listening. Speaking about the new single bby ivy adds: “I was going through a very difficult time of really missing someone who I had broken up with. When the time came and I wanted them back they had already moved on. I couldn’t sleep or even go on with my day without thinking about them. I guess in some ways I got what I deserved for letting them go, but I’ll never forget those restless nights. ‘Losing Sleep’ is the perfect depiction of that.”

Stream "Losing Sleep" below: