Gold-certified producer and songwriter Lil Mav is back with a brand-new five-track EP ‘Lost In Life’.

It takes determination, passion, hard work, and resilience to make an international mark in the music industry, especially at a young age. However, this is something Lil Mav has managed to achieve in the competitive music industry in a short amount of time.


Malik Piper, known by the stage name Lil Mav, is a hip-hop artist and producer born in the Bronx, New York. Growing up in the Bronx surrounded by violence and poverty and raised by a single mother, Mav had to etch his path to success. There was no godfather or example for him to follow. He had to be extraordinary to get on to the world stage.


At 16, Mav had already developed a passion for music and production. At such an early age, he began creating beats using the FL Studio. He drew his inspiration from top legends in the game, including T-pain, Chief Keef, and Lil Wayne. His prowess in producing beats grew spontaneously and he quickly caught the attention of big names in the industry. Mav has created a strong family of fans and supporters through music and a strong network of international artists and producers.


His musical prowess can be seen in his production of the hit record City of Gods by Kanye West, Fivio Foreign, and Alicia Keys. The single was so massive that it was featured in Kanye West’s album Donda 2 and Fivio’s album B.I.B.L.E. The single went ahead to be certified gold. Being the hands behind the mega-hit for an international artist like Kanye West is no small feat for Lil Mav.


Other big achievements in his musical career include carting #43 on Billboard’s hot 100 and #9 on Billboard’s hot 200. Lil Mav is a  Billboard charting and gold-certified producer and songwriter. His first Plaque, RIAA, has a gold certification, adding to his credibility in the industry. He’s also projected to win a Grammy in 2023 at the young age of 22. All these achievements show his determination to become great despite the limited resources as he grew up.


Lil Mav says that one of his biggest challenges in life was growing up in the Bronx. He was raised by a single mother and four other siblings amid the chaos, violence, and poverty. However, he notes that he stayed focused, worked hard, and believed in his vision to overcome challenges. Years later, he’s happy he kept pushing on regardless of the urge to quit when the going got rough.


For Mav, the greatest thing is to stay humble, have patience, and take risks. He notes that patience is key to achieving your goals in the music industry. Mav is ready to return to the scenes with a bang this year. He is focused on collaborating with great artists to produce more bangers to take over the industry.


His goal is to master his craft and release more hits while he’s focused on becoming a household name. Lil Mav talks about creating generational wealth in the future from his career. Follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to keep updated.

Stream ‘Lost In Life’ in full below: