Rising musical visionary Elijah Runako returns with new lo-fi release “Lost in Tokyo”, following his debut EP ‘Nightmare’.

Elijah Runako is a 24-year-old artist from Florida, on-the-rise to becoming something special. Rapping about real-life struggles of gang violence, the artist scopes his sound through honest lyrics and pairs it with melodic trap beats. “Lost in Tokyo” sees Elijah return a year after his impressionable four-track EP ‘Nightmare’, and it doesn’t disappoint. 


Elijah first started to explore creating music in 2013, the year he began songwriting and producing on SoundCloud. Having spent some years living in Chicago the artist was exposed to different types of music and culture, and quickly grew a love for it. 


Having started his music journey in the hopes to inspire those around him and embark on a new journey, Elijah says: “From time to time, I connect with my fans, and they send me messages about how they love my music. Seeing how my music inspires and helps my fans get through their days means the world to me. This has always been my goal, and I’m happy to see it happen”.

Stream "Lost in Tokyo" below: