Sara Cruz has dropped an ethereal new tune, "Lost on Love".

Sara Cruz’s name is one which is surely working its way to ubiquity. Her music is played in big stories around the world, has been used on the soundtracks of blockbuster games like Assassin’s Creed, and has received support by prestigious radio stations like BBC 1XTRA. She’s already proved plenty, but there’s always more to give.


Her latest tune, “Lost on Love”, is a clear sign of her desire to innovate. Cruz’s voice is an almost ghostlike presence amongst the blissed-out lofi production, guiding the listener through her emotions as if floating through them – an intriguing way in which to confront the idea of personal vulnerability. True feelings are at once at arm’s length and strikingly close in the track, creating a layered and thoughtful experience. It’s clear that the London-based, Italian-born artist is ready to show how much she still has to give.


On the track, she says: “Over the past few months I have been experimenting with new sounds and I think I can state that I have organically discovered a much more ‘centered’ musical landscape that truly represents me as an artist and also portrays my personal choice and taste in music, that I’m happy to keep on experimenting with and release new material on. Clyde and I have been able to establish a connection and brainstorm on new productions with extreme ease, which made the job much easier.


For this particular track some texture sounds and topline were laid down at first which lead to a very dream Lo-fi zone and plenty of inspiration that called for a somewhat ethereal scenario and lyrics.


The video shot for this single wants to reflect the message of the song, that in a very empirical and abstract atmosphere questions the uncertainty of the future for a love that once was and seems to have resurfaced, and whether that could or could not be again.”

Listen below: