Belgian experimental artist, senna JMB, blends cloud rap with electronica in his latest track, ‘Lotus’.

In the enigmatic world of senna JMB, musical genres seamlessly intertwine. Here, post-punk harmonises with flashy electronics, and experimental pop merges with cloud rap. It’s a realm free from the constraints of genre conventions, where the fusion and melding of disparate music styles reaches new heights. Providing a peek into his vibrant world, senna JMB’s latest track, ‘Lotus’ stands testament to his unwillingness to be confined to a single stylistic box, as he brings the flamboyant and the sombre together to walk hand in hand.


Although at first listen ‘Lotus’ may appear to stand carefree in its melody and instrumentation, this isn’t without hints of melancholy being woven throughout the track. As senna JMB channels a character whose downfall is rooted in hubris, he unfurls a narrative centred around this persona, while delving into the concept of a musician’s experiences and the challenges they face.


Making a nod to the edgy and forward-thinking, the production of ‘Lotus’ places the track as one of senna JMB’s most avant-garde to date. With robust synths carrying the spellbinding tempo of the song, senna JMB’s well-articulated bars flow effortlessly atop the intricate interplay of guitar lines and synths.


Dropping the track before the release of his upcoming debut album, Purity, if ‘Lotus’ is any indication about what to expect from his album, we eagerly await a venture into uncharted territories armed with a boundary-pushing musical experience.


On the track, senna JMB describes it as, “a hybris-driven crash, a phantasized hyperbole of artistry.”

Listen to 'Lotus' now: