On her debut EP, 'LOVE GAMES', Indie Amoi delves deep into the challenges and complexities that define intimate connections.

Emerging from the vibrant, dynamic confluences of Croydon, dancehall prodigy Indie Amoi is poised to enthrall with her debut EP, ‘LOVE GAMES’. Drawing inspiration from the multifaceted intricacies of love and relationships, Indie Amoi takes listeners on a journey into the enigma of romance.


Comprising eight tracks, she delves deep into the challenges, emotions, and complexities that define intimate connections. The EP kicks off with it’s leading debut song – the sultry single ‘Situationship’. Tracks like ‘Flex On My Ex’ and ‘Like Me’ showcase a fiercer side of Indie Amoi, whilst ‘Talk’ highlights Indie’s self-assuredness and individuality. With ‘Pull Ova,’ the Jamaican talent demonstrates her storytelling prowess, vividly capturing the excitement of a new romance, a romantic facet further explored in ‘Monday to Sunday’. Each song serves as a distinct chapter, painting a comprehensive picture of love’s expansive landscape.


The production behind the EP is multi-platinum selling hitmaker JB Made It, known for his collaborations with industry giants like Drake, Central Cee, and Headie One. The EP also features contributions from Maschinemantim (Nines, Youngs Teflon, Trillary Banks), TheorySound, DJ Natz B, and Q Theory, with a guest appearance by rising UK afrobeats star AdeJosh.


Regarding the dancehall soundscapes that define the EP, Indie Amoi cites her Jamaican roots as a central source of inspiration, adding, “Growing up immersed in dancehall music and culture has undeniably shaped my musical palette and lyrical themes.”


Indie Amoi’s ‘LOVE GAMES’ EP is highly recommended for fans of the dancehall and R&B fusion sounds popularised by artists like Shenseea, Stefflon Don, and Jada Kingdom. With over one million online plays already under her belt, she burst onto the scene with her captivating debut single ‘Snapchat’ and has continued to make waves within the UK’s dancehall music landscape. Celebrated as a multi-talented artist who writes, sings, raps, and effortlessly navigates multiple genres, Indie Amoi is poised to further launch her authentic sound to the forefront of UK music.

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