Plus has dropped an irresistible collaboration with Tyler Mann, "Love I Found".

Plus is a musical vehicle for experimentation. The creation of Los Angeles-based producer Kyle McCammon, the project is a way for McCammon and his various collaborators to push boundaries and try exciting new things. Thanks to the undefined, ever-changing line-up of the project, taking on creatives according to the need of each new endeavour, Plus can be whatever McCammon wants it to be, guided always by the principle of creating fresh, exciting pop music.


Already receiving high praise, David Alarcon of METAL says of McCammon, “He delves into the electronic, indie and pop atmosphere blurring the boundaries between musical genres and demonstrating that continuous experimentation is the best antidote to stagnation and non-evolution.” It’s that restlessness which is key to Plus’ continuing appeal and success – the refusal to stop at even the most successful of sounds in order to find something that’s new and challenging for McCammon and co.


The project’s collaborative spirit is on full display in their new tune, “Love I Found”, which includes a feature from indie pop star Tyler Mann. The tune aims for maximum impact from the first second, Plus’ slick production with its catchy synth line proving to be an excellent complement to Mann’s searching, thoughtful vocals. It’s a song that’s both melancholy and catchy, capturing an intriguing mix of moods that typifies Plus’ varied approach to their music.

Listen here:

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