Independent artist Twiggii Quinn shares buoyant sophomore release “Love It” alongside an animated lyric video.

Twiggii is a Belgian-Brazilian, multi-talented singer, dancer and musician. Back with a brand-new single, “Love It” comes as the artist’s sophomore release of the year and features a vibrant lyric video. 


Whilst currently focusing on curating addictive pop hits, Twiggii hasn’t always been drawn to making popular music and is an artist with a melting pot of genres behind her work. Morphing from metal and opera to popular music, the artist formerly spent her teens as the frontwoman of a metal band named ‘Wardoom’, and as an experienced violinist later took interest in opera. 


“Closer” is Twiggii’s debut single featuring her powerhouse vocals, a catchy mid-tempo, danceable track and is endearing both visually and melodically. “Love it” is her latest release, an energetic song with creative lyrics about defying authority that exudes a Harley Quinn aura. 


Music was Twiggii’s escape. She loved the creative process of writing and performing but found it challenging to make a living from music as an independent artist in such a competitive environment where you’re always up against big names with huge followings who have been doing this their whole lives or in the face of simply staggering amounts of new music being dropped daily. But like she said, “music is a lifestyle, and music never gave me a choice to quit, so quitting has never been an option”, and being a singer-songwriter is the journey she always wanted to take and enjoys above all else.


Right now Twiggii is focusing on the joys of making music and has so far released two melodic dance tracks. A singer-songwriter and pole dancer, Twiggii currently runs a Youtube channel where she shares clips of her covers, her material and pole dancing videos. 


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Stream “Love It” below: