Small-town Alabama rock star Peyton Gilliand enters her villain era with new single ‘Love Kills’.

Have you ever encountered that type of love where you know you’re either going to marry the person, or endure one of the most heart-wrenching breakups of your life? Rock-pop wunderkind Peyton Gilliand certainly has, and she’s addressing it head-on in her latest single ‘Love Kills’. A track delving into the shadowy aspects of love and intense passion, empowering all of us to enter our villain era.


At the tender age of 20, Gilliand has already collaborated with some of the most notable producers in the game. Working with the likes of Brian Chirlo, known for his work with Amy Winehouse, Paramore and Snoop Dogg, as well as Lincoln Paris from Cage the Elephant, who not only became her mentor but also her producer and most ardent supporter, she’s achieved what people aspire to in a lifetime at the end of her teenage years.


Doing what she does best, in her single ‘Love Kills’ she delivers a true lyrical punch to a guitar-drenched track. Opening on a low-slung rhythm made up of tapping percussion on a rich bassline, Gilliand’s voice, brimming with passion, enters the scene. Luminous vocal harmonies layer in, enhancing the depth and dimension, showcasing the immense power of her vocals. Her singing combines delicate nuances with delightful inflections and emotional layers, infusing the lyrics with a profound, passionate resonance.


She sings, “Every villain was once a victim. I’ve got plenty of scars myself.” This powerful display of villain and victim illustrates Gilliand’s artistic abilities to the fullest extent. Confronting love with a fresh perspective, the rock prodigy shows that there are two sides to every relationship. Sometimes everything isn’t sunshine and rainbows, and the inner villain may have to come to the surface.


“Love kills is about that feeling when you meet someone new, and you know it’s either going to be amazing or it’s going to kill you. It’s about being burned by partners over and over until you adopt that ‘you better play your cards right or you’ll never see me again attitude’, Gilliand explains. “This song fits like a puzzle piece into my EP, following that same sassy villain character that is my alter ego.”

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