Serenading us with a voice that is both angelically-sultry and smooth, New York’s rising star, Lexxy, makes us fall for her in the newly released ‘Love Me’.

Having amassed millions of views and listens since the release of her debut mixtape ‘Things Have Changed’, as well as touring around the US, Leader of the ‘Angel Movement’ is back with her recent album ‘Angel Hotmess’ and is without a doubt here to stay! Down to earth and honest, in the album Lexxy lays bare her soul, with a sound that merges old-school soul and R&B with contemporary hip-hop production and honest lyricism. ‘Love Me’ is a prime example of this.


With an invigorating voice that emits a cool and gritty confidence, ‘Love Me’ takes a look at female empowerment and loving yourself whole-heartedly without being tied down to external expectations. In addition to the and hypnotically vibrant hook, Zero McKenzi drops a verse that effortlessly rolls off the tongue whilst encapsulating the self-love that ‘Love Me’ celebrates.


Check out Lexxy’s mesmerizing video down below!