Raucous and rousing, Kopper are back with the single "Luminescent Womb" and a new music video to match.

A band that’s unafraid to take risks, London-based trio Kopper’s new single “Luminescent Womb” is the fourth track cut from their debut EP ‘Fading Fires’.


Drawing inspiration from the likes of Girl Band, Idles and Protomartyr, this new track is filled with boisterous drums and crunchy guitar riffs. It’s an explosive number that tells the story of the band’s lead singer, Jon Williams.


The band’s third music video to be written and directed by Williams, the song’s accompanying visual was inspired by the famous psychologist Carl Jung’s theory of shadow. Contemporary dance is used throughout to evoke the song’s emotions. 


“Releasing the track after this year of darkness, struggle and isolation feels particularly poignant”, the band explains, “While it delves into the journey of lead singer, Jon Williams, as he faces and tries to address his personal failings, we have all shared in a collective reckoning with the darker sides of ourselves, and have been forced to take the time to face up to who we are, what we are and who we want to be”.

Watch the music video for "Luminescent Womb" below: