French post-punk trio Hermetic Delight unveil uplifting new offering ‘Lust For Life’, an exhortation to all those who feel like letting go.

In their 10 years of existence, the trio of Hermetic Delight have undergone a series of refinements and transformations to evolve their musical artistry and style. Nonetheless, it’s with their latest release, ‘Lust For Life’, that they have truly mastered their sound of post-punk with an avant-garde edge.


Formed by Turkish vocalist Zeynep Kaya, drummer Delphine Padilla and self-taught musician Atef Aouadhi, Hermetic Delight produces a sound that ties post-punk with noisy pop in perfect harmony. Hailing from Strasbourg, their latest offering is the first song that the entire band has collaboratively composed in its entirety. Accompanied by an intimate 80’s inspired music video directed by the talented Laurens Saint Gaudens, ‘Lust For Life’ exudes a wealth of creativity, underscoring the boundless power of their collaborative endeavours.


As the triumphant trio explore the concept of breaking free from life’s relentless pace, an addictive guitar melody intertwines with a slow spellbinding drumbeat. Kaya’s softly spoken words unravel a lyricism rich in its intricate layers, yet at its core, the song’s message remains an ode to hope. Lyrics such as ‘Time to make more of this time / To make a place for our desire’ allude to the importance of savouring life’s beauty and inspire listeners to fully embrace the present moment.


Speaking about the meaning behind the song, Hermetic Delight share: “‘Lust For Life’ is a hymn to the present moment, a rebirth, an awareness, a desire to get off the moving train. It’s a revelation inspired by the blessings of a context we all had to face a couple of years ago.”



Watch the video for 'Lust For Life' now: