Baby, I'm going to fill your inbox.

Graphic designer and illustrator Top Girl Studio has been humorously parodying our love of the internet for a minute, providing daily doses via her Instagram feed. Dissecting the wonderful and tragic lives of the twenty-somethings we all see on the internet, from the overly ambitious, the savvy/bitchy social users, the fallen pop stars through to the tragedies of contemporary life, such as having low phone battery on a night out, her feed will certainly incur a few smirks as you scroll through. Working with a number of brands on projects such as Missguided’s Babe Bible to Nike’s Kiss My Airs campaign, the Central Saint Martins’ Graduate’s commentary on life 2k17 is creating quite the buzz.

For her next project, she turns to the deep and meaningful – love and relationships – but it’s not quite what it seems. ‘Date the Internet’ looks at our relationship with the internet on a deeper level, how much it has become a part of our lives; working as a way of not only communicating our identity but constructing it too. “As a designer, “ she says “I’ve always been obsessed with people, feelings, interaction, and naturally being a millennial and living in the digital world, internet culture is huge to me. The way in which we communicate with one another has changed, instead of waking up and contributing to a real conversation with a real person, I find my morning takes a different approach. The first thing I do when I wake up, is say good morning to the love of my life, my iPhone.”

Following last year’s project iGIRL that explored our relationship with Instagram, she decided to take her on the whole of the www. sphere. “Sure,” she says, “Instagram can be blamed for filters and selfies but what about other social media platforms, Google, your browser.. etc. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out our relationship with the Internet is fucked up. I thought it would be interesting to acknowledge this complex issue in a simplistic manner. I’ve always been playful with language in my work, so I wanted to do the same thing here, infusing ‘real life’ conversation with ‘digital’ terminology.”

See the full gallery from Top Girl Studio’s ‘Date the Internet’ project below.