UK rap talisman, Confz, drops groovy gospel-inspired track ‘Lying To Myself.’

Challenging the established norms and boundaries of traditional UK rap, Confz is an artist unafraid to break music moulds. Swiftly rising through the ranks, he has cemented himself as one of the hottest figures in British hip-hop right now, standing out among others as a genre-defying artist pushing unconventional soundscapes. With the release of his debut album, ‘Lost Diaspora’, Confz unveils the album’s lead single, ‘Lying To Myself’, a testament to his exploration of the spiritual and rhythmic dimensions of his craft.


Transitioning from participating in TikTok’s OiTikTok Cypher, to securing a spot on Kyle Beat’s influential YouTube channel, Confz is letting nothing get in his way to further his name. Red Bull recently featured the rising wordsmith on their ‘Raise The Bar’ Live Show, hosted by the esteemed Unknown T —  a name known to everyone in the game.


Encompassed within Confz’s debut album ‘Lost Diaspora’ — a tour de force of acoustically dynamic compositions — ‘Lying to Myself’ demonstrates the incorporeal facets of his sound. The track boasts a harmonious backing choir that injects a gospel-inspired essence, along with a captivating groovy bassline and crisp snare rhythm, unveiling a nostalgic vibe.


Featuring one of the brightest talents in contemporary hip-hop, Nix Northwest, a musical synergy comes to life, transforming the track into hip-hop infused magic. Through Confz’s lyrical mastery and Nix’s unique synonymous flow and rhymes, we have a track that resonates not only with hip-hop enthusiasts but also with a broader audience.


Listen to 'Lying To Myself' now: