She's reinvented herself dozens of times, but there's never been anyone like Madonna. In honour of the icon's birthday this week, get stuck in to 10 of her most underrated tracks.

"Physical Attraction"

Peak ‘80s Madonna in her “Lucky Star” and “Burning Up” era, this track centres on carnal desire, and, on a deeper level, searching for love. Fusing pop, synth, and her deep throaty talk, “Physical Attraction” makes wanting and waiting oh-so-sexy.

"Sky Fits Heaven"

“Sky Fits Heaven”, from her 1998 “Ray of Light” album, is a goosebump-inducing track about following your own road and listening to your heart.


Devoid of any sort of pretence, “Cherish” is the feather-light love song from Madonna’s fourth studio album, 'Like A Prayer'. With its sweet melody and innocent, heart-on-sleeve lyrics, it’s got that whimsical musical vibe that you can’t help but bop your head along to.

"Thief Of Hearts"

This song birthed one of Madonna’s most profound lyrics yet, “Stop bitch / Now sit your ass down.” From her lesser-streamed ‘Erotica’ album of 1992, this perfect pop cut is all about a boyfriend stealer - with all the bitchiness necessary.

"Nobody Knows Me"

This 2003 offering felt years ahead of its time with its spacey synths, bubbly bass, and lyrics rejecting tabloid culture’s “social disease”.


The closing track on 2000’s ‘Music’, “Gone” is a sentimental song fit for any and all break-up playlists. It’s about loving someone, but feeling that the only way that will be requited is by changing oneself, which Madonna simply won't do.

"How High"

In 2005’s “How High”, Madonna ponders over how pop stardom, fame, and fortune is examined through the eyes of a tired veteran.


From her iconic 1984 album, ‘Like A Virgin’, “Stay” sees Madonna asking a lover not to leave. Even in this get-on-your-knees-and-beg situation, she somehow remains beyond cool.

"Jimmy Jimmy"

With early ‘60s pop influences, “Jimmy Jimmy” speaks to the allure of love, even with someone as “foolish” as Jimmy (said to be ‘50s movie star James Dean). Madonna’s vivid storytelling and compassion shine through in this 1986 single, which highlights her admiration for those who face a hard time to make a name for themself.

"Beautiful Killer"

A true hidden gem, “Beautiful Killer” is the first of four bonus tracks from the underrated ‘MDNA’ album of 2012. Madonna later revealed that the track is a tribute to French film star, Alain Delon, and the film ‘Le Samouraï.


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