KAYRXN channels drive in newest groove-ridden release, “Make It Out Pt.2”

Straight off the streets of Baltimore, hip hop riser KAYRXN comes blazing with his latest offering, “Make It Out Pt.2”. The emerging artist seamlessly switches between singing and rapping, all the while dishing out real-life lyricism. Uplifting in tone, and potent in message, it’s a track that fans of Kota the Friend and Saba will resonate most with. 


As KAYRXN explains, the track is about “defying the odds, going through all the trials and hardships in whatever you’re doing and pushing forward. Eventually, those tears will fade themselves and there will be nothing to fear.”


Make It Out Pt.2” follows three major full-length projects that have earned the artist over 300,000 followers across social media since 2018. And, with new tunes constantly in the works, there’s no slowing down for the fresh-on-the-scene musician.

Listen to “Make It Out Pt.2” below: