• Photography Alan Silfen

Meet Mandla Morris, son of fashion designer Kai Milla Morris and music legend Stevie Wonder who’s carving his own niche as an actor-musician-designer hybrid.

Nurtured within the highly creative influences of his own family, at just 13 years old Mandla aims to explore the depths of his own creativity in his own right. Amazingly developing titles as a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer and fashion enthusiast, at such a young age Mandla’s dreams of being involved in the music, fashion and acting industry are becoming a strong reality. Yearning to explore almost every aspect of the creative industry that he can get his hands on, this young creative is one to definitely keep your eyes peeled on this year, and forever, whilst he is on the famous journey of self-discovery to find creative outlooks that are a mere extension of himself artistically.

Spotted at Coachella day one is all-round creative and mini Wonderboy Mandla Morris. Whipping out his very own disposable film camera, Mandla opens his creative spectrum to a new direction as he captures all the excitement and magic that Coachella 2019 behind the scenes has to offer. Attending the world-famous festival the same day as some of the current most popular names in music like Cardi B, The Kardashians, Jaeden and Willow Smith, Blackpink and our favourite Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino, Mandla definitely bumped heads with a few of them during his photographic wanders.  Catching sights with some of the conversational highlights like rising 17-year-old superstar Billie Ellish fangirling and having a 101 girl-code: emotional mush over Justin Bieber in their first interactions (like any girl would) and things taking a tumble when Jordyn Woods sneaks out after feeling extremely awkward with the Kardashians; despite all the drama I’d still sign up to be his film photography assistant at Coachella any year!


Check out some behind-the-scenes photos from his weekend here:



1-  Checking my look….new bag Nana•Nana A5?

4- Snapping some pictures while waiting for my brother Kailand Morris to get ready for the festival… he’s always late.

6- Funny photo of my friend Maddie getting ready!

11- My friend Cameron Field and I stopped for a quick photo opt before heading to the Bootsy Bellows party – so fun!

10 –Just me posing for a random photo. Can’t ever have enough.

13-  My friends and I gathering in the backyard for one of our more quiet Coachella moments.

15-@Kenzie and I enjoying the day together

16- My mom, Kai, tanning with friend and enjoying the Palm Beach sun. Don’t forget the fruits and sparkling champagne