Brothers Thad and Jonah McClelland have teamed up to make music from a distance. Under the moniker Valid Point., the pair have shared their latest album 'Mannequin.'

Formed of brothers Thad and Jonah McClelland, Valid Point.’s latest album, ‘Mannequin’ is a DIY project that has come together from afar.


The venture began in 2019 when Jonah was combing through Thad’s computer archives. Whilst doing this, he discovered a ton of music that together, they could really turn into something. The match was lit, and Valid Point. was born.


Deciding that they wanted to focus on the melodies within an alternative hip-hop sound, Valid Point. would be led musically by Thad, whilst Jonah would write the lyrics and handle the business side of things.


Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the ‘Mannequin’ album process was not an easy one. With Thad based in Memphis, Tennessee and Jonah in North Carolina, the pair had to get creative to make it work. Having jumped on countless phone calls to write and record lyrics, the DIY approach to making ‘Mannequin’ harks back to the brothers’ high school years, when they would share a bedroom and record music together.


The album itself has a sombre theme – it’s about the pain and moving on from what made you feel as hollow as a lifeless mannequin. However, the record’s sound is definitely something you can vibe to; akin to the likes of Post Malone, Juice WRLD and Lil Peep.


Give ‘Mannequin’ a spin below: