From working at Vanity Fair to appearing in campaigns for Kenzo, LA-influencer Marta Pozzan is conquering the fashion industry.

It’s well and truly the age of the influencer. With enough followers and the right content, you can be an overnight success story destined to make the big bucks. But when it comes to Instagram’s rising starlet Marta Pozzan, her rapid rise on the ‘gram is well and truly earned. 

Unlike many of her contemporaries, Pozzan is successfully striking the balance between the selfie-soaked sphere of Instagram and the high-end fashion industry. She’s a frequent face in major brand campaigns and look-books, working with the likes of Marc Jacobs and Dior. Most recently she worked with Kenzo for their new fragrance campaign, appearing alongside the likes of Timothee Chalamet.

Her relationship with design has been a long-standing one. After completing a degree in Creative Writing at Central Saint Martins Academy, she landed a job at Vanity Fair, where she worked as a fashion assistant. Since then, her relationship with the industry has gone from the strength to strength, and she’s ready to try something new, which is why she’s turning her attentions to acting. After already landing roles in Mac Daddy & The Lovers and Dr. Awkward, 2019 will see hear in a string of shorts, as well The Great Illusion alongside Selma Blair and Ireland Baldwin. 

We sat down with Pozzan at her house in LA to speak about her rapid rise in the fashion industry, and the responsibilities of an Instagram megastar… 

Where did you grow up? 

I grew up in a small town close to Venice, Italy.

What was your childhood like

It was very ‘simple’. My parents are very private people, like we wouldn’t go to crazy dinner parties or so, which is what people might be thinking looking at my life now, but that’s exactly what I was missing as a child, a more active and playful side.

How was school?

School was amazing. I used to be such a nerdy book worm. Like I literally loved studying and learning languages. My favourite subjects were philosophy and Italian literature.

What profession did you want to do when you were younger?

I honestly thought – or maybe more everybody around me – I was going to become either a writer or a literature professor. I was very good at writing and analyzing essays and poems. So random, I know!

You studied fashion, right? When did you first become interested in the fashion industry?

I started an MFA in creative writing at the Central Saint Martins Academy but I have a BA in Philosophy. So I never officially went to fashion school but after moving to Milan it was impossible not to be surrounded by it.

You’ve worked with a lot of brands. Tell us about some of your favourite designers.

I’ve always loved Kenzo and when last year they asked me to be in their new commercial for the Flower by Kenzo fragrance I was super stoked and grateful. Another favourite one is Dior which I got to wear for this shoot too!

And you worked for Vanity Fair Italy? How was that?

Yes, I was assisting Silvia Paoli when I was 19 and it was one of the most useful experiences ever as I got to learn what I truly wanted to do in life and I sort of saw it all clear in my head. Working with Silvia not only taught me a lot about fashion and the industry but it also made me stronger and more determined in my future goals. It was tough when I left but I knew my career belonged somewhere else.

You’re a successful social media influencer. What does it mean to be an influencer?

First of all I consider myself super lucky to be having this job as it’s a social revolution kids are going to study in history books one day. As much as people hate on it because they think as influencers we don’t really have a real job but only get gifted products and travel for free, it is indeed very real one for me. I get to work with amazing brands and talented people and I come up with ideas and projects for them on how to promote and highlight their products and collections. I do photography and storytelling all in once and to me although the approach is digital it is still art and I love and cherish the creative process that goes behind it all.

Do you feel like you have a certain level of social responsibility given your following?

Yes, I absolutely do and I wish we all felt the same way. My platform is a very important tool that I use not only to share nice pics of clothes and beauty products but to give my audience a message. I often talk about the importance of self awareness and being kind to people. I also have this section on my highlighted stories that’s called ‘#goodthoughts’ where I share positive affirmations and quotes from renown writers. It’s good to get reminded of certain things sometimes.

Who is the most famous person in your phonebook?

Jared Leto.

Tell us your top 2 favourite musicians and explain why they’re your favourite.

Post Malone, his lyrics are actually great. Sufjan Stevens, his songs are like poetry.

Tell us something that no one knows about you.

I’m obsessed with Sambucca.

What is your party trick?

Not go or leave early.