Rachel Kerr has released her triumphant debut album, 'Masterpeace'.

A debut album is a difficult enterprise indeed – a musician’s first chance to put themselves into the world and be seen the way they want to be seen. It’s a work that can define them for the rest of their careers, so intentionality is more than important. That’s an idea which Rachel Kerr has taken strongly to heart with her debut work, ‘Masterpeace’.


She has spent four years working on eleven tracks which summarise who she is and what impact she wants to make upon the genre. ‘Masterpeace’ is a love letter to the influences that have fuelled Kerr’s creativity from when she was a child, such as R&B legends like Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, and the gospel singers in church who taught her to sing in the first place.


Kerr has already notched numerous impressive achievements in her nascent career, with sellout shows at venues such as O2 Academy Islington and consideration for UK Entertainment and Grammy Awards. This debut album brings it all together, with Kerr’s relentlessly affirming voice the centre of it all. It’s a celebration of self-love, the power of faith and the ability of all of us to unlock something deeper within ourselves, and to help others to do the same: a fitting notion for Kerr, an artist who has never shied away from influences while still standing proudly on her own two feet.


On the album, she says, ““You only get one debut album… it has to be right. I want to be proud and moved listening to it 20 years from now… so after 4 years, finally, I have peace, it’s ready, so I present to you my Master-peace!”