Experimental polymath HSRS launches a self-directed video for her latest EP, ‘Maze Of Woes’.

Sometimes a music video holds the authoritative power to transform a track’s message. When executed effectively, visuals can tell a different side to the story and convey messages that lyrics may not easily translate. One such artist unafraid to experiment with her visual creations is Julie Bessard, the multi-talented French singer, songwriter, producer, and musician behind HSRS (High Self Reset System).


Undergoing a series of evolutionary shifts in her musical persona, notably formerly performing under the name BESSA, it seems she has at last discovered her musical calling through her present endeavour, HSRS—a rebirth amidst life’s tumult.


Her latest 6-track EP, ‘Maze Of Woes’ promptly erupts into a geyser of sounds in which we welcome the unpredictable and acknowledge that we all have our own selves within us. This is translated through subtle pop hints, within a sonic landscape characterised by unpredictable syncopated rhythms and unorthodox melodies, all serving as a backdrop to HSRS’S punk-inspired vocal fervour.


But what truly sets HSRS apart is Julie’s dedication to visuals and storytelling. For her EP, the experimental polymath has once again harnessed filmmaking and imagery to convey her songs essence. With the firm belief that writing songs go hand in hand with the imagery she creates, HSRS offers a simplistic yet cutting-edge video to accompany the EP’s opening track, also titled ‘Maze Of Woes’.


Sporting a cream tailored suit with a funky up-do, the video feels very much on brand for the artist. It feels authentic yet vintage, reminiscent of witnessing the rebirth of an 80’s icon. As she lip-syncs lyrics inspired by the return to the wild, the track evokes hints of nostalgia in its funky soundscape, where the bass and electric guitar propel the track’s groove.


HSRS’ themes explore, “The minotaur is trapped in the labyrinth of the psyche. How long does it take HSRS brain to return to a state of calm? What tools does she have at her disposal to find her way through each new obstacle? HSRS gets out its hooves and horns to embody this mythological character for a song. This approach is rhythmic and joyful, like the track ‘Maze Of Woes’.”

Watch the video for 'Maze Of Woez' now: