LOGUIDICE has dropped a soothing new tune, "Mecation".

LOGUIDICE has always believed in herself. Her motto has been “It’s not a matter of if, but when”, and she’s put that into exact practice in her musical endeavours after graduating from the renowned Berklee College of Music. It’s all about convincing the listener what she knows already: she has something to tell the world, and she’s here to stay.


Her debut EP, aptly titled ‘One’ got the ball rolling, and now she’s ready to take the next step with her successor EP, ‘Two’. That’s coming in May, but LOGUIDICE has offered listeners a taste of what’s to come with the drop of her new single, “Mecation”.


The track is suffused with a sense of genuine peacefulness, the bass offering a soothingly consistent through-line on which LOGUIDICE’s light vocals can float. There’s a sense of exploration to the song, that LOGUIDICE is happy to let her song find meaning in time, and enjoy the ride along the way.


On the song, she says, “Mecation’ is about getting out of your own head, ignoring what everyone thinks you are, and becoming the human you already know you are.

Listen here: