Dreamscape is the viral record label making some of your favourite social media hits, organically rising to the top of TikTok and Instagram's music charts.

From scheduling listening sessions for new tracks to grooving on trending tracks, TikTok has changed the way music reaches listeners. Thankfully, many fresh talents have come to the space and are blowing up social media with their incredible music. One such rising music talent is Øneheart who is currently rocking the platform with over 15 million followers. Just like him, many budding music talents have started their careers with Dreamscape and are now setting new music trends on social media. Dreamscape is a new-age electronic music label that is launching fresh talent in the digital realm.


Since starting its journey in October 2020, Dreamscape has organically grown with half a million followers and a host of promising music talents. It is a digital label based around a YouTube channel that is known for creating some of the most viral musical trends on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. The music label earned huge success with several releases in the ambient genre, especially on TikTok and Instagram Reels.


The founder of Dreamscape believes that the music label stands out in this extremely saturated space because “it doesn’t rely on popular artists.” Sharing the example of the famous music artist Øneheart, the founder of Dreamscape says, “We built this channel to support smaller acts and help them get to a stage where they can live off of their music.” It is this unique and heart-touching concept that has fuelled the popularity of Dreamscape among music artists and music lovers globally.


No wonder Dreamscape has already amassed over 15 million views on YouTube, and the number is climbing every passing day. The music label has earned a 100,000 subscriber plaque from YouTube. The recent big release on the platform is the song “Snowfall” by Øneheart and Reidenshi, which has surpassed over 100 million streams on Spotify alone. The song was also featured in over 500,000 videos on TikTok and 400,000 reels on Instagram. It is currently burning up the digital music platform globally.


Some of the smashing hit releases on Dreamscape have been charted among the top trending tracks on Spotify and Shazam, making it one of the largest electronic labels in the space right now. Even the famous American rapper Snoop Dogg featured one of the musical tracks from Dreamscape in a comedic Instagram post. In an industry that thrives on trends, Dreamscape has managed to carve a niche for itself with its unique concept. “We focused on a specific kind of dreamy visual aesthetic and sound that set us apart from everyone else.” says the founder of Dreamscape.


Dreamscape has been a passion project for all those who laid the foundation for this electronic music label. This is probably why the team has managed to scale up a whole project without any external help or funding. What has been most rewarding for the team behind Dreamscape is the happiness they spread among people through music. To quote the founder, “I receive countless messages from supporters mentioning Dreamscape has helped with personal issues and allowed them to discover new artists.”


Dreamscape looks forward to being the launch pad for more budding music talents globally. The platform aspires to pave the way for more promising music artists to enter the digital space while offering more enthralling music to people around the world. Dreamscape is on track to earn 1 million followers and hopes to penetrate the film or television industry soon.

Stream Dreamscape's dark electronic music playlist below: