Listen to an exclusive preview of Mellor's daring new rock-heavy single, “Meet Me By The Ocean”.

Mellor are a Reading-based band made up of Gary Kingham (lead vocal and guitar) and Josh Woodward (bass) Sam Igoe (drums) and Kristian Bell (guitar). Following their previous single, “Battle Hardened”, which dropped last month, the quartet have a brand-new offering in the form of single “Meet Me By The Ocean”.


Gary and Josh met at college, later recruiting their drummer and guitarist. Citing a number of inspirations, including the likes of Oasis, Arctic Monkeys, Biffy Clyro and Stone Roses, Mellor’s sound has been likened to some of these rock greats. They’ve received support across press and radio, including play from BBC Radio 1’s Abbie McCarthy, BBC 6 Music’s Tom Robinson, also hitting the stage of Truck and the Isle of Wight Festival.


With this new track, Mellor offer their own spin on a rock ballad, a tragically hopeful tune as powerful rocky instrumentation underscores Gary’s confessional lyrics. About the single, the group describe: “MMBTO is a tragic love story. It’s about a suicide pact, a couple who end their lives together peacefully before the world consumes them. In a world of war and global warming, it’s a sobering fantasy of walking into the ocean together, side by side”.

Listen to an exclusive preview of the track below: