Introducing Jiwanta, an up-and-coming artist from Texas on a journey to prove his haters wrong

Dallas-based musician Jiwanta may well be in the early days of his career, but he’s got one thing set: his readiness for stardom. His latest single, “Chrome Heart Tags”, released in August of last year, has racked up close to half a million plays and has given a new lease on life to the former Soundcloud rapper.


Influenced by the trajectory of artists such as NAV, J.Cole and Tupac, Jiwanta uses his lyrics to navigate heartbreak and doubt from peers. Though the main focus of his music is to connect with listeners, he also wants to prove that he can make something of himself that doesn’t play into stereotypes. 


Jiwanta began producing music in the ninth grade, aged 14, using FL Studio. Inspired by old Bollywood music played by his parents growing up, as well as his mother’s love for singing, he started out spending countless long nights writing and recording. As an immigrant from a low-income family, his beginning was quite an uphill battle. But when he put his trust in his own work, he figured out that his best tracks came off the top of his head and the views started rolling in. 


His unique sound and self-assured lyrics are a reflection of the young artist’s dedication to writing his own future. With lots more still to come, Jiwanta truly is one to watch.

Listen to Jiwanta below: