Toronto's YNG Chasey is making waves with his fresh hip-hop sound and unabashed authenticity in latest release 'KICKBACK'

Toronto’s gift for launching artists with relatable stories and impactful music is unrivaled. Icons like Drake and The Weeknd started here, sharing their inner worlds through music that now speaks to millions. Their legacy has lit up a path for new hip-hop talents like YNG Chasey, a fresh force in the city’s dynamic soundscape.


Right off the bat, YNG Chasey’s strides in the industry are impressive. His hit, ‘Don’t Test Me,’ didn’t just catch the ear of fans; it earned a coveted spot on Spotify’s Mellow Bars and Out The Mud playlists, showcasing the artist’s ability to connect. However, that was just the beginning. With a million streams and counting, Chasey’s music seems to have a heartbeat that syncs with the city’s own—a rhythm that pulses in the collective chest of his growing audience. His newest anthem, “KICKBACK,” promises to further this trend, with the power to draw listeners into his world through each hypnotic hook and vivid verse.


The potential for ‘KICKBACK’ to follow in the successful footsteps of ‘Don’t Test Me’ isn’t just rooted in Chasey’s songwriting prowess. It’s also because of its universal appeal and the artist’s authentic storytelling. At its core, ‘KICKBACK’ is not just a song; it’s an anthem of determination and joy. From its compelling lyrics to its catchy melody, the song captures the essence of resilience and celebration, mirroring the highs and lows of Chasey’s own path. The lyrics serve as a narrative of focus and fun, a perfect blend for anyone seeking an uplifting, danceable track that doubles as a motivational soundtrack.


Unlike a typical artist in the digital age, Chasey’s success didn’t happen overnight. Raised mainly by his father and as the youngest of three, his path wasn’t paved with gold but with challenges and hard-earned victories. As a college student, Chasey’s life was forever changed when he dropped out due to lack of funding. This transition was followed by a stint as a steamfitter before he decided to pursue music full-time. The rawness of his early days is reflected in his smooth vocal delivery, infused with a hunger that is palpable in every beat he rides.


Now, as an established artist, Chasey has carried his work ethic into his music career, and that’s one reason he stands out from the crowd. This isn’t just an artist; this is a man who’s moulded his life experiences into melodies that matter. With ‘KICKBACK’, for example, Chasey hasn’t just created another track to add to the party playlist; this is the sound of dedication, a celebration of the grind, and the sweet, sweet payoff of perseverance. It’s a personal battle hymn for anyone who’s kept their focus sharp and their dreams in sight, even when things got tough.


“Success is all about finding your passion and putting in the work,” Chasey explains how he’s managed to connect with his audience. As for dreams, Chasey has several he wishes to achieve over the next few years. First up is climbing the hip-hop charts and soaring above them. Next, he hopes to open for his idol, Lil Skies, before headlining his own European tour.


On the streaming front, Chasey is determined to hit 100 million streams and garner over 100K fans on various platforms. With a voice that carries the essence of Toronto and a spirit that’s all his own, YNG Chasey is not just joining the ranks of the city’s finest—he’s carving out a legacy that will inspire the next generation to dream big, work hard, and keep the music playing.

Listen to 'KICKBACK' now: