South London’s alternative poster girl Marz Fay delves into the spectrum of human emotions in new EP, Melancholy.

It’s hard to boil down Marz Fay’s artistry to one singular style: her sound is vast, interplaying various moods and emotions with her production following suit. From UK garage (UKG) to dark pop, to the corners of shoegaze, no genre is off the cards for Marz, as she merges them all together, unwinding a completely distinctive sound.


Since bursting onto the scene in 2020, Marz has been racking up accolades after accolades for her artistic prowess. From her hip-hop banger, ‘Straight Girl’ reaching 3rd spot on the iTunes Hip Hop charts, to receiving coveted support from BBC 1Xtra and Reprezent Radio, Marz’s artistry has even seen her share the stage with acting heavyweights, Cillian Murphy and Tim Roth, for her acting endeavours.


Looking to cement her name in the game even further, her recent EP Melancholy is only ode to her genre-hopping artistry. Delving into the nuanced spectrum of human emotions, and the chaos that runs alongside it, the project explores the duality between joy and sorrow. Mixing a plethora of light-hearted tracks with more introspective songs, the EP begins with an upbeat vibe, and the latter half embraces darker, more profound themes.


Making the structure represent Marz’s exploration of melancholy, the EP is an evocative journey through the complexities of love, loss and self-discovery. Opening with lo-fi garage pop gem, ‘Easy to Fall out of Love’, the track encapsulates the pain of heartbreak, blending dreamy lo-fi nuances with the vigour of UKG. Following ‘Selfish’ dives into the bittersweet nature of longing in an ethereal dance soundscape, whilst ‘Kinda Crazy’ blows full shoegaze incorporating atmospheric instrumentation.


As the EP ventures into darker territories, we see a blend of trap and rock elements come into play. From the emotionally charged ‘Knees’ to the alternative banger of ‘Sometimes’, the project ends with a hauntingly charged ‘I Need Somebody’, that addresses the deep-seated longing for connection.

Listen to Melancholy now: