Amidst a time of serious football fever, masked footballer, rapper and multifaceted creative Dide drops his new track, 'Mental.'

As the EUROs play on and England fans question, ‘Will it actually come home this year?’ Professional-footballer-cum-enigmatic-rapper Dide releases his latest single, ‘Mental’. Capturing the hype after his viral debut track ‘Thrill’, the multihyphenate proves he’s an exemplary figure in both areas. On the track, he talks openly about mental health: juxtaposing the clouded reality of speaking out on pressing matters within the football world.


Dide’s foray into music began as a hobby, a creative escape, and a method of self-therapy to navigate the harsh realities of football culture. Over the years, he has faced numerous challenges, including public scrutiny, physical injuries, racism, financial exploitation, loneliness, robbery, and immense personal sacrifices. Despite these hardships, Dide’s passion for football has never waned, but his aspirations have expanded beyond the field.


With an intoxicating flow reminiscent of top British rap artists like Dave, Clavish, and Potter Payper, Dide creates a unique sonic world in ‘Mental’. His honesty and openness are a breath of fresh air in the often-stoic realm of professional sports. The track’s punchy bass and clever lyricism lace together a narrative of resilience, showing that with passion and perseverance, one can overcome any obstacle.


With a dedicated following that has grown exponentially over the past year, Dide is set to take his act to the stage with several exciting live performances planned in the coming months. His authenticity has made him a beacon of hope for many, proving that it’s possible to excel in multiple fields without compromising your integrity.

Listen to 'Mental' now:


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