A little look at why every celebrity should be taking a leaf out of Stormzy's book...

Ever fancied winning a literary prize? Stormzy has you covered! Teaming up with Penguin X The Good Literacy Agency X First Story, Stormzy has curated the #MerkyBookWritersPrize aiming to “promote the stories that are not being heard” and illustrate that your ambitions, whatever they may be, are not “something in the distance”. An all-inclusive competition, the prize is searching for the murkiest writer of fiction, non-fiction and poetry in 2019. The winner will be selected by a panel of celebrity guests and they will have their book published by #Merky Books, as well receiving unlimited advice from Penguin Books on how to further their writing career. Speaking in the new prize, Stormzy said “…from the bottom of my heart I cannot wait to hear your stories and get them out into the big wide world”, putting nothing but a smile on not just my face but hopefully all the other bookworms out there.

The truth is, Stormzy is continuing to prove that he is not just celebrity, but an artist with a heart of pure gold, who is seeking to use his platform to shine a light on the wider community. #Merky Books is not the only time the Glastonbury headliner has provided his community with an opportunity he didn’t have growing up. Previously, he launched a once in a lifetime opportunity for two British Black students to attend the University of Cambridge through the ‘Stormzy Scholarship’, Stormzy provided a four year fee-free maintenance loan and tuition fee for both of these lucky students. “In school and college I had the ability and was almost destined to go to one of the top universities,” he explained, “But that didn’t happen for myself… so hopefully there’s another young black student out there that can have that opportunity through my scholarship.”

"Big For Your Boots" by Stormzy

Honestly, how often do you hear about a celebrity giving back to the community instead of buying a customised Lamborghini? Very rarely. Standing tall as a whole hearted character in the spotlight, there is definitely a reason as to why my mum always calls Stormzy, the friendly giant (That, or she’s just forgotten his name).. Working with some of the most prestigious, hard working and difficult industries to get a foot in, Stormzy uses his platform to show young fans that it can reach any goal you have. The friendly giant himself is a significant figure who not only motivates, but grinds as hard as he can in his field to provide opportunities that were not necessarily accessible during his adolescence. 

Clapping my hands in a standing ovation, Stormzy has shown he is extremely dedicated to creating opportunities for the youth to showcase their talent all over the country; and I am confident that his efforts won’t end here…


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