Polymath producer Louis Mattrs makes a shining return to solo music with his electronic single, "Midnight".

The unstoppable producer Louis Mattrs is returning to solo music with his new single “Midnight” after two years of spreading his talents across the works of numerous big-name artists and franchises.


From producing a string of releases for SG Lewis to having his music featured in Marvel films, Mattrs has had his fingers in the pots of critically acclaimed hits across genres, amassing a total 100 million streams.  Even Kylie Jenner has shown her love and support to his music.


He is now taking his impressive resume and returning to his own work with renewed energy and experience. “Midnight”, an atmospheric electronic track that explores the magic of the night, is the first of a new collection of original music. The track not only showcases Mattrs’ impressive production skills but also his powerful vocal range. With influences of soul and mellow vocals, it is sonically reminiscent of Shiloh Dynasty and XXXtentacion, with Mattrs’ own unique twist.


Louis explained to Notion why the track is an important marker for him as an artist: “After taking time out to focus on producing for other artists I knew it was time create something of my own. Listening to Shiloh Dynasty and XXXtentacion had me inspired me to write a mellow vocal and then add a soul/electronic production to bring that flavour. Midnight is about the sensual feelings that the night brings out in you.”


“Midnight” is just a small taste of his forthcoming EP and if this is what’s on the late-night menu, we’re starving. Stream the new single below.