Heembeezy is the viral rapper on his way to stardom.

Heembeezy is a charismatic rapper hailing from the West Coast. He has been steadily carving his path to stardom with viral hits like “Wess Yo Name” and “Really Her.” Now, with his latest track “Mike Phelps,” he’s once again proving his ability in delivering infectious beats and catchy melodies. This high-energy song offers a small glimpse into Heembeezy’s lavish lifestyle.


Drawing inspiration from his upbringing, Heembeezy infuses his music with a distinct West Coast flavor, setting him apart in the crowded rap scene. But it’s not just about the music; Heembeezy knows how to command a stage. His recent performance at Rolling Loud California left the crowd in awe. This is just a testament to his ability to captivate audiences both in the studio and on stage.


While Heembeezy’s presence on TikTok has inadvertently sparked trends, his success is far from accidental. His debut single, ‘Face No Book’, garnered over 4.5 million streams in just four months, while his debut album, Really Heem, shattered records with 5.6 million streams in its first month alone. Currently, Heembeezy is racking up over 3 million streams per week, a testament to his growing influence in the industry.


But it’s not just about the numbers; Heembeezy’s dedication to his craft is strong. Continuously pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation, he has earned the respect of his peers, including Blueface Baby, Coi Leray, Skilla Baby, and 03 Greedo. With their co-signs, Heembeezy is solidifying his position as a rising star in hip-hop.


As ‘Mike Phelps’ gains momentum, anticipation for Heembeezy’s debut mixtape, Beezy Baby, set to drop in April, is reaching a high point. With each release, Heembeezy proves that he is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.


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