Kenah has dropped a smooth new collab with Amaria BB, "Mind".

Kenah hit the scene last year with a string of hit songs, including her debut “Plenty”, that announced her as an exciting new artist who took notes from the world of rap and from choral music, creating a beguiling, genre-shifting sound that feels truly her own.


She’s keeping the good vibes going with her latest single “Mind”, which features a collaboration with Amaria BB, who has conducted her own recent impressive rise to fame with her breakout tune “Slow Motion” building an audience on Instagram and TikTok before she signed up a major label. The team up between these two artists proves to be everything you would hope.

“Mind” is a sweet and soothing collab that creates an immersive, vibey atmosphere for the listener to lose themselves in. Circling around the theme of infatuation, Kenah and Amaria BB pull out the enjoyment to be found in basking in the feelings, and the confidence that can come from allowing oneself to be seen with others. It’s accompanied by a music video that keeps the party going, turning a quiet nighttime space into a playground for the two artists.

Watch here: