Emerging songwriter and producer The Fur collaborates with Tyte on his kaleidoscopic new release “Miracle”.

The Fur is a talented emerging artist from Stockholm with an extensive career in classical music. Exercising a flair for songwriting and producing, his latest single “Miracle” is a fine example of the artist’s multi-genre approach to his releases. Layering hints of electronic pop, R&B, and a touch of classical music, “Miracle” is a release packed with varying textures and has a festive tone to top it all off. 


Debuting his first release in 2021, “Americana” is a track that gave fans a glimpse into what to expect from him. The infectious dance hook and acoustic guitar undertones showed that The Fur isn’t afraid to mix and blend genres to create his authentic soundscape. Now a year into this new chapter, The Fur is back with an infectious new single “Miracle” featuring vocals from Philadelphia artist Tyte.


Speaking about his new release, The Fur says: ““Miracle” has a Christmassy message where you ask for a miracle, but it doesn’t sound like a typical Christmas song. It feels like a song you can imagine listening to at Christmas, but it stands out a little from the crowd”.

Stream “Miracle” below: