Indie-popstar Clara Bond has dropped her absorbing new track, "Misbehaving".

Clara Bond began her career in a country music space, but she’s spent her recent career shifting into more of an indie-pop sound – a clear sign of her musical curiosity that doesn’t allow her to stay in one defined genre space for too long.


She enjoyed a highly successful new era in 2021 with singles such as “Backtalker” and “Wish You Were Her”, and a string of hit live performances including spots at Altitude Fest and Shebfest and a headlining show at The Courtyard in London, proving the durability of this new look for the singer.


Now, Bond is back for more with her new single, “Misbehaving”, a tune that mixes polished pop sensibilities with stripped-back, rawly confessional lyrics that trace the intense emotion felt during lockdown – a compelling contradiction that firmly illustrates the place she has carved for herself in modern indie-pop.


On the track, Bond says, “Misbehaving” was the first song I wrote after 3 months of writer’s block over lockdown. I, like so many other people, learnt a lot about mental health and my own limitations over this time of (literal) isolation. I always felt like I had to put on a brave face because I was under this impression that it’s what strong people do. But this song is me giving myself permission to not always have everything together, and that’s absolutely ok.”

Listen below: