Indie Pop artist LEEPA shares her upbeat offering "Misery Loves Company" with a music video to boot.

Laced with her buttery vocal tones and echoed backing vocals, LEEPA tells the story of realising your own worth after being hurt by someone you trust on “Misery Loves Company”.


Paulina, who goes by the artist name LEEPA, was born in Starnberg Lake, she was then transported to the narrow backyards of Berlin where she soon settled into the city-life and culture of her new surroundings. After some time LEEPA found her voice as an activist and worked on her relationship with friends while growing her love for hip hop. This track follows from her previously released EP ‘Free LEEPA’ where she expresses her creative freedom through her transparent songwriting, indie-pop production and effortless vocal delivery.


LEEPA says the song “is about being hurt by someone in such a way that in the end, it doesn’t really hurt anymore. You can no longer take it to heart because it’s just so ridiculous. Somehow you reach the point where you realize that you have wasted far too much time with someone who pulls you down to feel better about themselves. But that doesn’t work anymore when you realize your own worth and start to love yourself enough for both of them”.


Entering the scene in 2018 with her first official release and now aged 21, LEEPA continues to work create music that her listeners can truly identify with.

Watch the music video for "Misery Loves Company" below:


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