• Jill wears Dress Ryan Lo
  • Eva wears Top & Skirt Edeline Lee

Misha Megnha and stylist Tanya Varma present a lavish fashion story from the pages of Notion 79

  • Jill (left) wears Dress Ryan Lo
  • Eva (right) wears Top & Skirt Edeline Lee
  • Coat Tian Tian
  • Earrings Lamoda
  • Hat Elena Shvab

If you know Misha Meghna’s work, you’ll recognise her style – a soft focus, dreamy colours and, more often than not, a strong, beautiful woman of colour will centre the frame. Misha’s photography is empowering because it shows a multitude of women with different appearances, personalities, opinions and beliefs and each of them is celebrated for who they are, not the stereotypes society says they should conform to.

This stereotyping is something she also turns her critical eye to, and you see it cropping up in her work again and again. From her beauty project on afro hair, through to the story, ‘To My Younger Self‘ which reimagines her experiences as a woman of colour, Misha’s message is clear – every woman in society should be celebrated.

In this beauty story, photographed initially for Notion’s Break Through issue, she looks back to the past for inspiration. References to women of colour throughout history and specifically art are largely absent, so taking her female gaze, she perfects it. A perfect[ed] Renaissance.