Brooklyn-based Latinx singer, songwriter and producer Quelle Rox shares her latest single “Miss Ya Body”.

Describing her music as “soundtracks catered to dreamy, nostalgic memories of the past with a bad bitch twist,” Quelle Rox’s music explores the all-too-relatable topics of heartbreak, loneliness and a yearning for unrequited love. 


One hell of a dreamy soundscape, “Miss Ya Body” is a slow, sensual jam full of smooth electronics and breathy vocals. “I made this song during quarantine and shot the video in my room, edited by my very talented friend Kelli Mcguire,” Quelle Rox explains.The track puts a focus on the physicality of a man by overtly acknowledging the sexy-time parts of the relationship as the sole reason for missing them.”


“The male gaze constantly objectifies women, so this song is kind of a role reversal, in that a woman is directly stating that the only thing they are missing from the relationship is the sexual part. It’s the whole idea of men only ‘wanting one thing’ except from a female perspective – because women have needs too. It’s an up-tempo track that I think anyone can vibe out to this summer and celebrate who they are and feel empowered by their own desires. Especially during quarantine, I think we all miss someone’s body right? Sometimes you just want a body.” 


Quelle Rox’s musical transformation began after she’d graduated from the prestigious NYU. A shimmering beacon of bedroom-pop, Quelle Rox is currently preparing for the release of her debut album.

Listen to Quelle Rox's "Miss Ya Body" below: