The Bristol-based producer reveals the visual for his latest track, "Missing".

These days, everyone that has ever been to a club knows who Redlight is. His top 20 tracks “Get Out My Head”,  “Lost In Your Love” and have set dance-floors alight, and his new album Active is set to do the same.

Three years after the release of his debut X Colour, his second album shows that the Bristol-based musician is still keen to experiment, showcasing his infatuation with a heavy bassline and a roaring electronic beat. One of the standout tracks from the record is the ferocious “Missing”, featuring the rising talent, ETS. With a deep electronic beat, it’s the kind of track you’d hear in a basement bar at 3:30am when everyone is maxed out and in need of a little lift before the lights come on.

The visuals are as equally as unique as the track. Shot vertically, the video is reminiscent of something you’d see on an Instagram or Snapchat story with Redlight and ETS messing around in a plethora of new threads in the changing rooms at Wavey Garms in Peckham. The location also acted as the perfect place for Redlight to show off his upcoming project, an exclusive fashion brand named Jeff James. Is there anything he can’t do? Tune in and get a taste of what he’s been working on.

"Missing" by Redlight