To celebrate frenetic new single "RABBIT HOLE", pop experimentalist Lucy Tun makes us an exclusive mix to see us through the bank holiday weekend.

Since we last spoke to Lucy Tun for Notion 90, the pop experimentalist, producer and DJ has been busy dreaming up her own warped reality for upcoming EP, ‘UNREAL’ (due mid-October). Mapping out a world of juxtaposition, the project veers from fantasy to hyperreality, daydreams to nightmares, mascara-smeared blurred vision to suddenly seeing everything crystal clear. Over seven tracks, Lucy’s sonic references reflect this picture, from airy and dream-like to frenetic and harsh.


New track “RABBIT HOLE” embodies these influences in full. Pulling us into free fall, Lucy loses her centre of gravity as the track lurches forwards, The Prodigy’s influence clear. Following previous singles “ADHD and “Kulture Klub”, the “Bohemian Rhapsody” of the EP grounds the project thematically, capturing the floor-spinning (but keep dancing anyway) reality of life in our mid-20s. “It’s all about change,” Lucy explains. “It definitely felt like a bit of an existential crisis, at times. It entails a lot of fear, a lot of rage…”


To celebrate the release, Lucy put together a mix to see us through the bank holiday weekend. Tap in below.



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